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Gordano Open Days

Weekends 14th-15th and 21st-22nd of September 2019

All venues are open to the public - entry is free

Apple Orchard

Clevedon Road, Weston in Gordano, BS20 8PZ

Sat-Sun   2:00pm- 5:00pm

The Orchard is located behind St Peter's and St Paul's Church off of Clevedon Road.

There is parking available in the field behind the Church. Follow the Lane just to the left of the Church and enter the field through the first gate to the right. The gate will be sign posted for parking.

Due to recent rainy weather the apples will not be ready for picking. However the orchard will be open for viewing and a Avon Wildlife Trust stand will be available to explain about the orchard between 2pm and 5pm.