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Gordano Open Days

Weekends 14th-15th and 21st-22nd of September 2019

All venues are open to the public - entry is free

Black Horse Inn

Clevedon Lane, Clapton in Gordano, BS20 7RH

Sat   12:00am-23:00pm
Sun   12:00pm-21:30pm

The Black Horse at Clapton in Gordano is one of the most unspoilt Inns in North Somerset. The building dates from the 14th century around the same time as the local church.

The pub was built on the edge of a salt marsh to serve the needs of the local mining community and The Black Horse name is believed to be derived from the pit ponies and the horses that drew the coal to Portishead for shipping. The pit was at the end of the pub garden and it is recorded that in 1797 it produced 240 bushels of coal a day. Around this time the lounge bar doubled as the village lock up and the only window in the room is still barred today.

The Black Horse prides itself on maintaining its unique character and retains many original features with its stone flagged floors, beamed ceilings and large open fireplace which proves a real attraction in the cold winter months. The Black Horse is a time capsule of the perfect West Country pub from a different era preserved so that we can enjoy it today as our ancestors might have enjoyed it. The locals have a special name for it, they call it the Kicker.

Situated in the beautiful Gordano Valley the pub benefits from many nearby walks, including the Gordano Round and a footpath that leads to Cadbury Camp, a 200 year old hillfort with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

Self guided tours will be available to explain the history of the building and the site between 12:00pm and 16:00pm.