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Gordano Open Days

Weekends 14th-15th and 21st-22nd of September 2019

All venues are open to the public - entry is free

Black Nore Lighthouse

Black Nore Point, Portishead BS20 8GB

Tel: 07802 615123

Saturday Only   11:00am- 18:00pm

19th Century Cast Iron and Steel Lighthouse. Located on a picturesque point on the Severn Estuary and next to the Portishead to Clevedon coastal footpath. It is a fine example of leading edge technology as used in 1894. Although no longer operational the unique architecture of cast iron, wrought iron and mild steel makes an interesting study when viewed from the footpath.

A guide will be available Saturday to explain the history of the structure and the site.

Rain forecast for Sunday, the Lighthouse will not be attended.

Access to the Lighthouse is by way of the Coastal Footpath or by the footpath from Nore Road at the top of Glenwood Rise. The entrance on Nore Road is marked by a brown Heritage sign and a blue sign pointing out the footpath.