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Gordano Open Days

Weekends 14th-15th and 21st-22nd of September 2019

All venues are open to the public - entry is free

The Priory

Station Road, Portbury,Somerset, BS20 7TN

Sat   11:00am-23:00pm
Sun   11:00am-22:00pm

The Priory in Portbury is a country pub oozing rural charm and rustic character.

The Priory is a landmark for travellers from Bristol, the M5 and beyond. A footpath from Prior's Wood passes the pub to The Mount and Windmill Hill. The bluebells in Prior's Wood are quite spectacular in bloom.

Constructed in 1822 and called the Priory Hotel, this building has spent all its life serving food and drink - and some of it saving lives. Underground passages have been found which link the Priory Hotel to Portbury Monastery, suggesting that the monks would have used the premises to hide from persecution.

Self guided tours will be available to explain the history of the building.